Public relations advertising

Public relations advertising as a single phrase seems almost a contradiction, certainly a paradox. Not too many years ago, and even today, public relations activities are widely separated from advertising. The debate about whether to build an image or to sell a product through advertising persists.
Building image generally is termed institutional advertising; rarely, public relations advertising.
If one goes the public relations advertising route, perhaps the precept to put high on the list is that it is a mistake to look upon paid time and space as paid editorial material.
It is far better to seize upon a cause, launch a genuine public service.
Public relations advertising is not designed to incite the public to rush out to trade with you.
Companies could take certain topics and pursue them through advertising for the betterment of the public at large.
In the recent past, the campaign to create awareness for Rotavirus is a good example in my opinion.
I would like to see companies promoting:
* youth fitness
* youth opportunity
* help prevent crime
* equal employment opportunity
* aid for higher education
* our Indian heritage
The list is just off the cuff.

Author: ADnaama

Urdu connoisseur. Adman. Founder of Katha Kathan.

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