What is PR?

Today’s so-called PR agencies were “Financial Agencies” during the Harshad Mehta Scam. Once the bluff was called off, those “Financial Agencies” started converting themselves into “PR” agencies with Global Tie-Ups.
Neither were they aware of the real meaning of “Public Relations” back then, nor are they any wiser now. During my tenure as Training & Professional Development Chairman at AAAI, we had requested our dear friend Sushil Bahl, Communication Street, to put together a manual for PR professionals. Sushil did a fabulous job. In this generation, I don’t know anybody who read or seen Sushil’s manual. Had they seen it, they would have been much better professionals.

Author: ADnaama

Urdu connoisseur. Adman. Founder of Katha Kathan.

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