Name, numerology and Bisca ready-to-eat noodles

It was in 1980s that Parle’s had launched first ever ready-to-eat noodles. The name of instant food was branded as Bisca (Yes, on astrologer’s recommendations five letters brand name like Limca. Pandit Ji’s recommendations did not work as product didn’t work with consumers. Probably the product was much ahead of it times). You were supposed to add boiling water in the pack and wait for 3 minutes & it was ready to eat.
The commercial for Bisca, which I wrote was:
Iss ka Bisca
Uss ka Bisca
Mera Bisca
Sab ka Bisca
(Product Window)
We were taught that we must try to brand name as often as possible because product was the hero and monies were spent to promote it.
These days when I am watching commercials, there are times when I struggle to get the brand name. Ain’t monies going down the drain if a consumer is made to struggle to get the name of the product?