World Chocolate Day

Amul Chocolate was one among the many brands that I nurtured during my 18-year stint at Radeus Advertising Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.

“A gift for someone you love.” These words are etched in our memories, yours and mine, and for obvious reasons. A mere mention of this slogan leaves a sweet taste in the mouth. It serves as a reminder of how Amul Chocolate’s six flavours – milk chocolate, crisp, orange, fruit and nut, bitter and coffee – transformed a bar of humble chocolate, till then considered a luxury product meant for the elite class, into a household name, loved by one and sundry. Today, on World Chocolate Day, I can’t help but remember my sweet association with the brand. Undoubtedly, it remains the most loved advertisement for Amul Chocolate from the 80s and 90s when the market space was dominated by two other giants, Nestle and Cadbury. 

The story of how we arrived at this slogan is interesting. My boss, K. Kurian, founder and chairman of Radeus Advertising, asked us to find out why a person buys a bar of chocolate before we started work on the campaign.

He told us that if we didn’t have enough money for a formal research, we must do “Janta Research”, but we couldn’t do without research. Accordingly, we got to our business with a sample size of 40. It included all the employees working for Radeus, who responded to this question. The answers were not surprising. The responses from 40 odd people conveyed the larger thought of 90% Indians of how a chocolate bar was something that people only bought to offer to others, as a gift, reward or a token of love or remembrance, but never for themselves. And that’s how we coined, A gift for someone you love or प्यार की मीठी भेंट. 

The slogan was more than just a corporate positioning or an advertising jargon. It conveyed a noble sentiment. It was all about the love between a father-child, mother-child, husband-wife, friends, lovers, etc., that made them buy chocolate as a gift. 

The slogan for Amul Chocolate — A gift for someone you love or प्यार की मीठी भेंट — cast a spell on the public and made them choose Amul above others because love was the defining thought; a gift of love bought with love for someone you love and to spread love.   

अमूल चॉकलेट। प्यार की मीठी भेंट
Amul Chocolate | A gift for someone you love